BENDING HOUSE is an independent film production company that hacks and bends genre and cinematic conventions, crafting unique films that observe the audience as much as they are made to be observed.





director - writer - producer

After discovering EYES WIDE SHUT  late night on television at a young age and watching intently until four in the morning, Robert became obsessed with film. Attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Robert dove head first into Japanese genre-bending cinema, which inspired a series of hand drawn animated films and AN OLD TOWN, a 16mm experimental narrative.

Meeting Diamando at the university, the two formed Bending House and co-wrote HOLY GOD HOLY MIGHTY HOLY IMMORTAL HAVE MERCY UPON US as their first film.

Robert is gearing up to direct TEARS OF GOD  this winter, and will be blogging the production and its inspiration on THE FEATURE FILM page.




writer - producer


Diamando Proimos has lived between Chicago, Greece, and North Carolina, the latter in which she studied English and Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. While attending the university, she met director Robert Barnett, co-writing and producing the short film HOLY GOD HOLY MIGHTY HOLY IMMORTAL HAVE MERCY UPON US for Bending House. 

Diamando is currently working on pre-production for Bending House's first feature, TEARS OF GOD. Diamando spends her free time raising her dog Sammy and watching films where female protagonists go insane.



producer - actor

Frank Mosley is a filmmaker and actor from Texas who is a 2010 Venice Days candidate, top 20 IFP Narrative Labs Finalist, 2011 Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas recipient, and 2013 Visionary Award winner from FW Weekly, the publication which also featured Mosley as its 2013 June cover story. His first feature film Hold, deemed "one of the best films of 2010" (Cinemalogue). He was a juror for the Dallas Video Festival (2009) and Oak Cliff Film Festival (2012), a panelist for the Lone Star International Film Festival (2007/2011), and has talked about his films on NPR and Good Morning Texas. He is a consultant for the distribution line Fifth Column Features and oft-contributer to Filmmaker Magazine.

As an actor, he has appeared in such films as Shane Carruth's Upstream Color (2013 Sundance, Berlin, and SXSW film festivals), David Lowery's Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013, IFC), Jon Jost's Dead End (2013), Dylan Pasture's Satisfaction (2013) opposite Lindsay Burdge, Clay Liford's Wuss (2011 SXSW, AFI Fest-Audience Award 2011), Eric Steele's Cork's Cattlebaron with Robert Longstreet (2012 Maryland, Sidewalk, and Austin Film Fests), the 2004 Telly-winning and PBS-produced short Separated by Light by Sai Selvarajan, Gallows Road (2014) opposite Ernie Hudson, and in Justin D. Hilliard's The Other Side of Paradise, for which he earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination (AOF Film fest, 2009, alongside such stalwarts as Ron Perlman). Of his acting, Variety says he "performs with a potent dose of sexual schuztpah", Hammer to Nail claims he "underplays perfectly", Rogue Cinema says "he's the epitome of cool", and Smells Like Screen Spirit tells, "he can induce simultaneous states of humor, menace, and intrigue."  He is currently in pre-production as a producer on Dylan Pasture's upcoming Prove It All Night and in post on his own second feature length film Her Wilderness.

Frank came to Robert after watching HOLY GOD HOLY MIGHTY HOLY IMMORTAL HAVE MERCY UPON US after it appeared on NoBudge, interested in aiding Robert on his current project, TEARS OF GOD.







It’s just what I imagined
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It’s just what I imagined